Our Values


Quality Care

Making the decision to seek help can be an intimidating and challenging one and we value your trust in us. Our goal is to offer excellent care and comfort to you from the first call to beyond your final session. You matter. Restorative Pathways will put complete effort and attention into the quality of your experience. You are not just another client coming in the revolving door of therapy - you, and your struggles are unique and we want to excel at meeting your needs.

Holistic Health

We strive to guide our clients to health in a holistic manner. We do our best to take into account every aspect of life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social - then combining those aspects to ultimately bring hope and healing. As a team, we recognize one cannot lead where they are unwilling to go themselves, so we strive daily to apply these same principles to our own lives and achieve balance.


We strive to have a positive impact in our community by getting involved and giving back. We believe it is important that we connect and collaborate with other professionals and members of Zanesville and the surrounding communities. We recognize it is unrealistic for us to provide all necessary services, so we make it a goal to help clients get connect with the best resources available.


Our biggest therapeutic achievement is to be effective in helping you accomplish your goals. We strive to continue growing in our depth of understanding of the counseling field as research continues to update the best practices. Continuously working to develop our skills in our areas of focus and specializations, we welcome feedback and embrace challenges as we seek new horizons to grow.

We are passionate about our spiritual lives and we do our best to apply what we believe to be the greatest commands from God - to love Him above all other things, and to love others above ourselves. With this in mind, we apply biblically-based principles in an ethical manner and work towards acceptance of all people, from all backgrounds and walks of life. We hope to cultivate a space in which you feel like you are safe and welcome to be your authentic self.